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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Florist

Nice to meet you

Why I Do This
Creating. There's nothing else I could possibly do. I've always had a drive to make something new. To make something beautiful. And to always be getting better and better at it.

Floral design combines everything I love as an artist: colour, line, shape, texture, and working with my hands to make something real. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling craft than working with the fresh scent of flowers while literally sculpting nature. I’m incredibly grateful to do what I do.

Origin Story
I got my start in the floral industry in my later teen years while pursuing post-secondary studies in design. Little did I know that my part-time job for a little extra cash would blossom (sorry) into a passion that would become my full time career.

As a certified professional in floral design (Seneca, 2019) and an accredited member of the Canadian Institute of Floral Design, I will stop at nothing to deliver the most beautiful, fresh, and quality arrangements possible.

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